Female bounty hunter and star of the Metroid video game franchise and one of the most well known action-oriented female protagonists in video games. Her gender, which is revealed if the player beats the game quickly enough, was a major surprise in the original game since she spent the entire game inside gender-obscuring armor. There were also few female video game protagonists at the time so many players assumed that they were playing as another male protagonist. Her superhuman abilities are the result of her unique upbringing. She was not raised by humans but by the alien race Chozo after she was orphaned. Under their tutelage, Samus received the Chozo's unique DNA which gives her the ability to survive the hostile environments that she would often have to explore as part of her bounty hunter job. She also received combat training that gave her incredible flexibility and acrobatic abilities. Finally, she was given her powered armor, Power Suit, which she dons for all of her missions. She originally joined the Galactic Police Federation where she became acquainted with Adam Malkovich, but eventually left and became a freelance bounty hunter who mostly goes on missions by herself.

While Samus has no children of her own, she has acted as a mother figure to a Metroid that was introduced in Metroid II.

Samus has a very personal grudge against the alien space pirate Ridley due to him being responsible for her being an orphan.

Her physical appearance underneath the armor has varied, but she is commonly depicted with blonde hair.

Unlike many Nintendo protagonists, Samus does talk in her games. However, the Metroid franchise has tended to flip flop on whether Samus should be silent or not.

She is also one of the many Nintendo characters to be playable in Super Smash Bros and holds the distinction of being the first female fighter in the series although she is wearing her gender-obscuring armor in her first appearance. In Brawl, she fights in both her armor suit and in her zero_suit, which usually happens after she using her powerful final smash. Zero_Suit Samus has a different move set from Samus with her trademark suit, using a laser whip. Samus with armor and Samus without armor are made into two separate characters in the fourth Smash Bros game.

She is voiced by Jennifer Hale (Metroid Prime 1 and 2), Alesia Gildewell (Super Smash Bros. Brawl), Kobayashi_Ai (JPN Metroid Other M), and Jessica Martin (ENG Metroid Other M).

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