The Black_Hebrew_Israelites (BHI[1]) are a cult group of racist supremacist negros and other non-Whites that believe that Black people are the true Jews, and the mainstream "so-called" Jews are the false Jews. They are a religious group that draws from Christianity and Judaism.[2]

The rhetoric of extremist Black Hebrew Israelite members states there is an impending apocalypse (such as with nuclear explosions[3]) and God-ordained race war.[4] They focus on proving that Jesus is black and made a color versus texture missinterpretation.[5]

They are a cult that brings a family environment and sense of security.[6]

They are located only in the United_States[7] and believe that "Believe that blacks and whites cannot coexist in the same state".[8]

They are a very small minority in the Christian community and community that believes in Judaism; for example, at a Christian forum they are disliked.[9] Additionally, they are not recognized as Jews by the greater Jewish community.

Some Black Hebrew Israelites believe that when the "kingdom of god" is established they will have sex with and marry girls 12 years old and older; they claim that they have their period when they are 12, which makes them a woman.[10] Therefore, some Black Hebrew Israelites are pedophiles.

History Edit

In 1966, the founder and leader Ben Ammi said he was visited by Gabriel, the angel.[11]

In the 21st century: They are known to stand around in a group in public with signs with religious messages saying "Das Right!" and hurting the feelings of Jews[12] and feminists.[13] There are multiple videos of them at YouTube,[14] and in one video a Black Hebrew Israelites infamously shouted "Hail Hitler!" multiple times.[12]

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References Edit

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