1. one million different colors in general (visualizing 1,000,000:[1])
  2. the name of the first part of a three-part 2014 western-style-artwork furry comic series drawn by Gloebis with writing assistance from Fen and Furryovrlord.

Meaning #2 Edit

Quote from Gloebis:[2]

This is a project I have been working on for a long time, its a new comic done mainly by me, with assistance in writing by Fen and Furryovrlord

I really hope you guys Dig the story I'm going to portray, its not whole-fully dark but involves real life issues, however it is a story of gay cubs coming out, so it'll be full of very gay stuff, and if not all of the adult content with be gay in this comic. Its a story of philosophy and love.

hope you guys enjoy it!


  • Part 1: A Million Different Colors
  • Part 2: The Dread Fall
  • Part 3: The Dread Fall Act II

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